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Welcome to my blog find up to date new marketing strategies, technical Search engine optimisation, Search & Display Google AdWords techniques, Social Media Marketing and new ways to increase brand awareness.


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When it comes to increasing leads and sales a key area that needs to be focused on is website user experience. It is vital that tests are made to ensure right call to action is in place and the end user can navigate easily to complete there goal.

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PPC AdWords Management

Learning the customers journey quickly helps you understand how a Google AdWords campaign can help increasing branding and better convert Goals. Google AdWords is constantly evolving and the GDN now offers even more targeting options that allows us to reach even more customers.

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Semantic SEO Techniques

Learn and share SEO Tips & Techniques Getting first page rankings now depends on white hat SEO Techniques that are Safe and in-line with Google's guideline and rules. Google's ranking algorithm is constantly changing and is aimed to stop poor quality website and increase rankings for websites that follow Google's rules & guideline.

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